blame it on the girls.

February 13, 2011 § 5 Comments

the 1461st photo taken by my iphone. what's with the long neck at the bottom?

cause...giraffe pancakes mornings are happy mornings.

So it’s gonna be Valentine’s Day tmr. When I was younger I always pictured letters from secret admirers delivered by sparrows dropping over my head or stealthily slotted into my locker. I would open them carefully and grin while reading anonymous poems that had been folded sheepishly into heart shapes. Oh the joyful days of deluded youth :D (I obviously overestimated my popularity ahaha) I’ve since come to realise that Vday is just like any other: the roses, the chocolates, the cuddly bears – are by and large commercialised sweet nothings. All the things associated with this arbitrary day that celebrates love can be done for the one whom you care about whenever, wherever. So I’ve braced myself and cleared my head – there’s no Vday for me this time. Perhaps I say this with a tinge of bitterness, perhaps my heart might still quiver a bit at the sight of honeyed people so palpably in love, but it is OK. No big deal. I have work to do; further, I will be meeting 30+ schoolmates in 4 different meetings – what can I say? share the <3!


§ 5 Responses to blame it on the girls.

  • lw says:

    the pancakes look awesome! are they in south ken?? must promise to bring me there next time okay? i didn’t really manage to have gourmet stuff when i was in london for winter break :/ (not that homecooked food was bad)

  • lw says:

    haha yes it’s the one quite near the tube station right? the last time i was there, the place was jam-packed with people :( hmmm giraffe sounds familiar. i think we have it here too! :P

    i’ll be in london end of next month la lol. will you be around then?

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