February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

…that’s how i feel like every single day. by a lot of things; work, thoughts. i probably wont be able to pull myself out from this for the next few months, during which i’ve promised to be a dutiful workaholic. (with only ONE social obligation/wk – a measly quota compared to the last term when intensity of going-outs paralleled that of going to uni – ‘good medicine tastes bitter’, what can i say.)

so there are 3 coursework deadlines all within next week clogging up my schedule like toxic waste now; apart from other commitments for musical rehearsals (come and watch! it’s staged on the 5th/6th Mar, in Cockpit Theatre near Marylebone!), medical management soc meetings, and various other flotsam on my pond.

i was just talking to my group mates today during one of the marathon project sessions (>8hrs!) when we were all feeling incredibly gloomy – is the management degree truly enjoyable? at this point, i will not discredit it: i have learnt a lot, not just physical knowledge that tends to dominate a medic’s sphere of existence, but ways to deal with things and people. it’s all about processes; lengthy complex forays into a hazy endpoint. perhaps it would be better if there were less modules (we have 10!), or flexible choices of what we can choose to do (things such as project management and information systems in healthcare are some of the grossest travesties that one could spend time on), my life would constitute less grouses and more wonderment. but this is simply not the case as all education systems can never be truly free, no matter what their lofty claims might be – ‘set your mind soaring!’ ‘a journey on the wings of knowledge!’ – ABS (i know we all love some TLAs so keep guessing)! BTS! urgh. so as much as i always end a day trudging back from south kensington absolutely fazed and ready to punch someone, i know that the only rational thing to do now is to make the best of out what i’ve gotten myself into. i’m sure other iBSc courses are not beds of roses as well; friends have been reportedly spending an equally dismal amount of time pipetting in labs and tackling dense medical journal articles, or getting into a frenzy over mighty dissertation essays. although parts of the course and my performance in it so far has been as irksome as styrofoam white noise, i still have time to press on and finish in a relatively good weather. so…let’s GO!

one of those moments that make work better - pretending to have a bday celebration in the computer room so we could have a legit excuse to eat cake.

on a completely unrelated note, encountered something peculiar today in the elevators of russell sq tube station. there were around 6 of us, and a 20p coin lying on the floor. i was pretty certain that all had noticed the tiny bit of fallen wealth. but everyone remained righteously rigid, and filed out of the elevator without casting another look when we got to the top floor. interesting, isn’t it? i can’t help but wonder if the situation might have been different should there be only one Man and one Coin. what would YOU have done?


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