look for the bare necessities!

March 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

was doing the marketing coursework earlier today in school when I came across Interbrand’s top global 100 in 2010. Disney ranked 9. it seemed slightly anachronistic as I’ve always pictured disney as a backward organisation whose once glorious past has become little more than a sweet bed time tale for your curious kids. perhaps the power of a brand cannot be diluted by passage of time, judging by how Coca Cola effortlessly topped the chart for 10+ years, a seasoned ballerina performing simple stretches. there’s something about that name, the symbol, and the evocative associations that make people go weak in their knees. so i went back and reconnected with my childhood favourites, allowing the surge of warm familiarity spread throughout the nooks and crannies of memory lane, into the deep-set treasure chest that held onto these tunes all these years. waltzing bears, mermaid princesses, singing hermit crabs…i’m glad to have the power of imagination in my life!

btw i am giving up sweets/chocolates for Lent. 40 days with the bare necessities – learn and let live, in the simplest most fulfilling ways. (i might just buy that naughty easter chocolate egg after that :’)


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