guys looking sharp!

April 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

yes i'm creepy and i snap photos of tube passengers' bottoms.

hello mr gnome. now you know what these pointy shoes remind me of.

our favourite mischievous boy has also been spotted donning these startling fashion statements.

i on the other hand prefer high-waist jeans, cause you can never have legs that are long enough. (madonna looking cute, once upon a time)

Ok enough of the fashion critique. I needed that bit of mild(ly retarded) entertainment before returning to…

now you know why i don’t bother smoking. such complex socioeconomic consequences!


§ 3 Responses to guys looking sharp!

  • lw says:

    madonna! ahhhhh! <3 i like her eyes and lips better :) and aiyoooo pervving on everyone now, first in the magazines and now, on the tube and old animated films?! LOL.

    • imaginedream says:

      I’m not perving Peter pan or the Lao char gong like gnome! It’s just for illustrative purposes. Pls don’t be offended if you are ever guilty of wearing those pointed canoe shaped things! I just like being a taste Nazi hehehehe

  • lw says:

    fortunately, i don’t… because i don’t have the stature (of a gnome) and the age (of Peter Pan) to carry it off :P

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