till the end.

April 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

basement mugging on a sunny day = soft incarceration.

so sometimes there were poker nights and phantom hands.

that will be raw beef sashimi bibimbap for ya from Dong San Korean restaurant on Poland St. (note greedy hand in corner)

so theres a red ferrari parked on my street. meh. it has its engines in a transparent display near its rear. WHY DO PEOPLE FIND THESE THINGS OH SO SEXY? cars should have its engine placed piously in front, and possess taller wheels (think hummer!) so you can see danger ahead rather than feel as if you are lying in bed.

heres my cutie digging into another one of those raw beef sashimi bowls.


like the korean place, its my second time this wk visiting LICK in soho. i have been thoroughly disappointed for 3 times in a row to find my oft-dreamt matcha gelato absent - BUT THERE IT IS IN THE CORNER TODAY!!! do i even care about the rest of the flavours.

darling sitting on the countertop, arms length away from melting in my… the rest is sweet history.

shhh, dont tell anyone about my passionate protest about banker's greed. trust me they are greedy shtuff.


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