peugeot iOn

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

that, would be a Peugeot iOn for you. (i’m kind of relieved that i don’t have to say it out loud cause there’s NO WAY am i gonna pronounce the P word without attracting strange disapproving looks from the pros) it’s a full-electric car (one of those vehicles that drives environment protection, uh-huh), providing both driving comfort as well as ‘style and versatility’. i’m by no means an auto expert, but this little thing with a windscreen that resembles some sort of superhero face mask just fails to capture my desire. (or turn me ON)

it’s all in a name, they say. so what’s up with ‘iOn’? a jarring and unnecessary addition of the i in front? (c’mon, get over this whole i and Mc thing, are there no patents for those? there’s enough of them to last us a lifetime!) a clever wordplay on a charged scientific particle? (what, affinity and speed? geekiness?) On? is that supposed to impart a sense of empowerment to the drivers? i definitely feel a little deflated just looking at it.

that’s not the end. more atrocities of names manifest. a quick look at the car’s website revealed that there are multicoloured options available for your new toy (wow how cool! how hip!). just to name a few: the one you see above is painted in ‘killi blue‘, other mind-blowing colours include ‘pearl black‘, ‘antarctic white‘, ‘arctic silver‘, ‘solar yellow‘, ‘white pearl‘…  what can i say, pearl black and white pearl? are they sisters? and stop messing with the poles – just because there ain’t much of a population there doesn’t mean that you stick them in your product names. would you name something ‘new zealand (kiwi) green’? or ‘african brown’? even the Sun didn’t escape from this disastrous colour explosion. i can foresee things like ‘neptune blue’ and ‘mars red’ emerging in their next gen derivative products soon.

(btw, killi does not have any meaning. mind-blowing.)

so what consumer segment is this car attempting to capture? young ladies working for greenpeace? executives who wants to be seen as the protectors of mother earth? of course before i go too far in this critical marketing evaluation, i have to applaud peugeot for jumping onto the environmentally-friendly wagon. after all, there’s nothing quite effective as a squeaky clean, non-pollutive car fetching you handsome revenue, sans the moral burden that so often plagues profit-maximising companies. this product does not gratify me, does not enable me, but perhaps it would play a part in enriching my life (should i decide to make an irrational purchase at £39,000) on the premise that it projects an environment-facing rationale. customer attachment and loyalty are possible, albeit unlikely.

feeling pretty cruel today, but this is the power of social media. YOU GOTTA TAKE MY NEGATIVE W.O.M. WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. it’s in human nature to enjoy a BAD story rather than a good one, no?

before i head off to the library for another gruelling day of revision, i need to show you this pretty awesome advert from Skoda – made of meaner stuff.


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