why don’t you just, place your bet on me?

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

studying can be draining, entertainment is necessary (while the rest of the library computer users go wild over uesless pretty boy torres and his disappointing lack of goals) – just saying.


The Overtones – just another one of those five-piece boybands (yes please we want more!) formed in 2010 (hi babies!), discovered by a Warner Bros talent scout while they worked as decorators in a oxford street shop (yes right here in london!), singing during their tea break. (huh, why have i not seen them? evidently i haven’t been shopping enough)

this song is just so ME hahaha. style and beat reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candy Man’, another favourite! just cannot resist the (admittedly slightly stud muffin-ish) suited up look! :D i do believe that all guys can look stunning in a timeless classic suit. (girls on the other hand, have to wrestle with the temperamental fashion fads, while thinking long and hard about how to downplay fat legs fat bums -.-” it’s official – there’s no fairness in this world.)

‘Candy Man’ – ok, just reliving my obsession with all-american navy girls look! (c’mon, i know it’s bordering on spastic, but how can you resist?)

ok last indulgence – duffy’s coat at the start is DA BOMB. form fitting MAX! i am also mildly smitten by the awkward nerdy specs that some of the guys are wearing half way through the video. hohoho.

DONE! back to constructing the intensely intellectual essay on ‘why brands are dead.’ (duh they are not. bring it on APPLE!!!)


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