i want to.

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

wants vs. reality, that is a constant battle. i am currently a little overwhelmed by duties, swept along by the unforgiving rhythm of time. don’t get me wrong, i enjoy working with my group, i enjoy doing meaningful things even if they are remarkably tedious and involve reports cashing in at 25,000 words. but i thought that i would also enjoy other things. so much have happened in the last few months (while i was on my annual pilgrimage as a library hermit in preparation for exams), and for once i am not oblivious or resistant towards the heartbeat of the world – i want to keep in touch with every bleep on its radar, however impossible that might prove to be. really bursting with things to say about the Japan earthquake, the royal wedding, the death (?) of Osama (and the role of the US as our Big Brother in general), the IMF scandal… i’m also dying to find out more about the Israel/Palestine conflict, understand the political system of the UK once and for all (i’ve been here for 3 years! persistence of ignorance is no longer a choice!) etc etc.

ok. after the completion of the management year end group project on the 27th of may (it’s coming! it’s coming!), and the ball that ushers in the official end of a spicy year away from the gridded rigour of medicine, i will write intelligently in this space. i will peek beyond my circumscribed existence and turn thoughts into words.


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