trust is not blind.

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

i think there’s a lot of food for thought to be discovered in the recent Norway attacks. a massacre of such magnitude is no doubt harrowing, but even more unsettling is the rational precision with which the attacks were carried out. how is it possible that Breivik – a human being made of flesh and blood – could justify the wanton destruction of dozens of innocent lives as part of his ‘grand scheme’ to cleanse his country, restore the whole of Europe? how is it possible that even after the bloodshed, the perpetrator could remain so unruffled and unapologetic? really, feverish construction and defense of a somewhat warped ideology is more often than not, a dangerous recipe. there’s not a trace of humanity to be detected in this dangerous Viking, yet he could so staunchly attribute this cold removal to a bigger picture of helping to restore culture and peace. what deception, what delusion.

are trust and resilience in such testing times a good remedy for the ghastly wound? after all, it is exactly this trust of the goodness of society and its people that provided room for such assaults. trust is both the cause and the subject of breach. it is the natural aftermath that Norway would tighten the country’s security 100-fold, and that ¬†its people would move on to live in a prolonged shadow of fear for some time. what else would work? every time a fellow human rears his inhumane head, we recoil and retreat. the verdict is clear – there will always be people out there who act and think devilishly, and some of them simply cannot be reformed with a dose of forgiveness. i have always believed in the idea of second (and third) chances, but increasingly it seems that this gift of trust is not to be given without exceptions.

i will pray for you – the fathers, mothers, and children whose hearts no longer beat. don’t hate, but don’t forgive (i tried, but really, even as a bystander, i cannot forgive the assassin). and for the rest: keep trust in your hearts, but look carefully before you give it to anyone.


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