two things.

July 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

1. psyched about the Nike half marathon in Sept! :D if i can clock 51+ mins for a 10K in the deadly heat of singapore, sure enough autumn running in Greenwich would prove to be a relative breeze? hehehe. well i may or may not be getting a little too smug over placing 64th out of 4000+ ladies! and i also stopped to walk twice during the race to drink water! gulp.

2. i know that makeup can do wonders, but i just cannot bring myself to smear things on my face, not when i have been the most inept at any cosmetic attempts. i cannot understand why so many girls are SO GOOD at applying things like eyeliner (i find it ridiculously hard!), curling their lashes/attaching falsies (my lashes tend to resemble withered stalks when i try to assault them with the curling instrument), or figuring out the layers of concealer/powder/serum/blah to their already pretty faces. i think the most valiant, consistent attempts i’ve undertaken to improve the attractiveness of my face is the eradication of pimples (even then, they keep on coming back to haunt me the moment i set foot on singapore soil!) oh well, what can i say. maybe i’m a tomgirl. maybe i’m plain unmotivated.

how? 2 hours to get to 'after'? worth it?

anywho, i hold this slightly sarcastic comment from my papa and momo to be the calming truth – ‘bao, you are pretty enough for all normal purposes.’


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