…and there’s no turning back.

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

missed the first half-hour lecture this morning despite my good efforts to get into the tube 40mins in advance, thanks to unexpected expected northern line tantrums. turned out that the professor who delivered the opening speech of our formal clinical attachments was one hell of an inspiring guy. he reportedly mounted the first few rows of tables in the lecture theatre, while spewing coarsely-phrased motivational messages. i managed to glean a couple of useful things that he told the students from my friends after i stumbled into the room in his wake.

the gist (heavily rephrased):

the three remaining years in medical school will not be easy peasy, and you need to go out of your way to make them shine. you’ve made the decision to go into medicine – honour it, MAKE IT WORK. MAKE IT WORK MAGIC. don’t flail your useless floppy limbs and say it’s too tough, there are NO EXCUSES to put in anything short of the best. STICK TO YOUR DECISIONS, start with hopes and finish with fireworks – if not you are a damned pathetic wuss. don’t even dare to complain. what were you saying? life is unfair? ABS. who ever told you that LIFE IS FAIR? work with what you’ve got. make the best of everything.


perhaps the recent things that happened in my life made this message resonate ever so powerfully. perhaps it’s the metaphorical start of a new life today that made me want to overturn all the tables and throw out all the rules. true courage only comes when you can put behind all the things that have been hurled at you in unfairness. SO WHAT? so what if people trip you over once in a while? ARE YOU A WUSS? stand up, move away, and RUN FASTER. no time to stop and seek justice from the unworthy. don’t even think about it twice. win the final race, and everyth will be justified.

some people can’t stick to the decisions they make. some people have no constance in their hearts. don’t bother with them. wish them well, and DO YOUR THANG. ON YOUR OWN. medicine is beautiful – go on, LOVE IT. love it and possess it like never before. water it with steadfastness and it will blossom for you, one day.



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